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Here you can find a collection of video podcasts, apostolic sermon videos and short devotionals.
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Leaving The Old For The New

A new podcast exploring what it looks like fo the church to step away from the old ways and what the Lord is saying about the nw wineskin. Anne Calver is joined by a number of guests throughout the first series of Leaving The Old For The New.
Episodes 1-3
Episodes 4-6
Episode One
Episode Two
Leaving the Old For the New
Episode Three
Turning the Old Into the New
Episode Four
Your Journey With Jesus
Episode Five
Entering Into What God Has for Us
Episode Six
The Warfare Reality

Kingdom Life

As humans we make our decisions based on what we have experienced, perception or through wisdom of others. Those decisions then become the path we take and dictate our lives. But, how would it look to live a spiritually surrendered lifestyle with kingdom principles? This is Kingdom Life series one.
Episodes 1-4
Episodes 5-8
Episodes 9-12
Episodes 13-15
Episode One
Episode Two
Episode Three
Episode Four
Episode Five
Episode Six
Episode Seven
Episode Eight
Episode Nine
Episode Ten
Episode Eleven
Episode Twelve
Episode Thirteen
Episode Fourteen
Episode Fifteen

Unshakeable Foundations

A new TBN series on the eternal truths we need to embrace to help us have an unshakeable life.
Episodes 1-3
Episodes 4-6
Episode One
First Things First

Pastor Steve starts a new series on the eternal truths we need to embrace to help us have an unshakeable life.
Episode Two
The Gift

Pastor Steve Uppal talks about the significance of the gift of the Holy Spirit.
Episode Three
Apostolic Birthing Prayer

Pastor Steve Uppal encourages us to be intentional about prayer so that we pray prayers of advancement rather than survival.
Episode Four
Divine Invitation

Pastor Steve Uppal lets us know that our living God has given each of us a real invitation.
Episode Five
Come Up

Pastor Steve Uppal invites us to live differently and see the situation of earthly things from a heavenly perspective.
Episode Six
Thriving in the Midst of Pressure

Pastor Steve Uppal talks about going through a season of unlearning and personal change.

Apostolic Messages

Quarterly messages for the All Nations Movement family casting the vision and purpose throughout the year.
Mission Possible
Feb 2018
Change Your Reality
May 2018
The Code: Hope
Aug 2018
Talk to God
Feb 2019
A House of Prayer
Aug 2019
The Promised Move of God
Nov 2019
A Life Full of the Holy Spirit
Feb 2020

Sermon Notes
Revival Ready
May 2020

Sermon Notes
New Day, New Breed, New Grace
Aug 2020

Sermon Notes
Finish Strong
Nov 2020

Sermon Notes
Dying to Live Truly Free
Feb 2021

Sermon Notes
Apostolic Birthing Prayer
Jun 2021

Sermon Notes
Heaven to Earth
Aug 2021

Sermon Notes
The Womb of Prayer
Nov 2021

Sermon Notes

Available in translations:
Season of Release
Feb 2022

Sermon Notes

Available in translations:
Turn the Battle
April 2022

Sermon Notes

Available in translations:
Apostolic message coming soon.
Apostolic Message coming soon.

Revival Podcast with Steve Uppal

Join Steve Uppal and whole host of guests on this journey as they engage in candid conversations around the subject of revival. Each episode has show notes to read alongside.
Episodes 1-3
Episodes 4-6
Episodes 7-9
Episodes 10-12

01. Revival Is Coming

The purpose of this series is to: awaken desire, look back at what God has done and look forward to see how we can co-labour with the Holy Spirit. In this episode, I, Steve Uppal invite you into my world. I will set the scene of my journey and fascination surrounding revival since my childhood as well as share some of my favourite revival stories spurred on by some of my faith heroes.

02. Revival Prayer

In this episode, I am joined by my first guest of the podcast, James Aladiran of Prayer Storm. Prayer is the starting point, the main pathway to prepare for, or pull in, what God intends. It leads to changes in our lives but consecration without prayer/intimacy with God leads to legalism. The relationship is the starting point. 

03. Revival Mission

In this episode, I am delighted to be joined by Nicola Neal. Every Life is passionate about transforming lives in disadvantaged communities, practically, relationally and spiritually by the power of the whole gospel.

Come along with us as we discover the connection between revival and mission.

04. Revival History and God’s Generals

In this episode, I am delighted to be joined by Roberts Liardon. Roberts is an influential preacher, missionary, pastor and author - to find out more visit:

Come along with us as we discover the connection between revival throughout history.

05. What is God Saying and Doing

The Lord is getting his people ready for the harvest; he is preparing his bride. There are many obstacles that need to be cleared out in order for us to see the harvest come in.

In this episode, I am delighted to be joined by Anne Calver. Unleashed Church seeks to live like the Acts Church today, come along with us as we discover the connection between revival and what God is saying to us.

06. Transforming Revival

“Transforming revival” is more than a blessed meeting - it is the genuine manifest presence of God that spills out into society and changes everything! Old Testament cases of Ezra and Nehemiah speak of revival, starting with prayer and good humble leadership. Humility is the single most important thing leading to revival; before you can get to prevailing prayer there needs to be an appetite or desperation. I am honored to be joined by George Otis Jr in this episode.

07. Revival Visitation: The Horse With No Name

In this first part of two episodes, I’m glad to be joined by Rick Kaul, senior leader of All Nations Telford.

Our primary revelation and theology comes from the Word of God and yet God is speaking through dreams, encounters and visions. The meaning and the message behind encounters are helping to explain some of what God is leading us into.  As we get ready for the move of God that is coming there is going to have to be a stripping away of our comparison within churches, ministries and individuals.

08. Living Through Multiple Moves

Revival starts with our hearts becoming alive and hungry for God again. Sovereign things happen in a move of God that affect society as well as the church.

In this episode, I’m glad to be joined by Tim Eldridge of Presence Ministries. Tim reflects on the house church movement in the 1970s, as people studied scripture with fresh eyes and developed fresh expressions of church marked by the supernatural presence of God. 

09. Lessons From Living Through Revival

Acts gives us a glimpse of what daily life following Jesus looks like. We gravitate to coldness and deadness - so we need revival to close the gap between our experience and the book of Acts. Brownsville was a revival of holiness. The Bay revival brought miraculous signs following the preaching of the gospel. Both were much needed to close the gap.

I’m happy to be joined by Lydia Marrow of Shake the Nations Ministries as she reflects on her time in Brownsville, Pensacola in the 1990s and the Bay of the Holy Spirit Revival from its start in Alabama from 2010. 

10. Revival Visitation: Here Are The Keys!

I am thrilled to be joined by Rick Kaul, senior leader of All Nations Telford for the second half of our two part episode.

It is time to step into a simple life that focuses upon Jesus. Come along with us as we delve into another of Rick’s encounters and how it plays into the theme of revival.

11. Prayer, Fasting & Turning Nations

God is calling people to draw near and have a spiritual responsiveness; this is the difference between great men and women of God and casual believers. Many people are looking to a man when we should be looking to Jesus. There is power in fasting; the spirit man is crying out to be fed and we must develop strength on the inside.

I am honored to be joined by Lou Engle in this episode of Revival Podcast.

12. The Apostolic and Prophetic

There is a parallel between longing for revival and pregnancy with a child. If we do not fully commit we will not make it…

In this last episode of series one of the Revival Podcast with Steve Uppal, join myself and Esther as we delve into our journey over the past year as well as discovering the gift of the apostolic and the prophetic working together in the call for revival.