Jesus calls us to go make disciples of all nations, obeying the great commission. It could seem daunting at the outset but as we start sharing our lives we reproduce life in others and advance the Kingdom. 

Included resources

  • Discovery Course
  • Learning Zone: Prayer Course
  • Baptism Preparation Material

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Disciple Making Material

What is a disciple? This 3 part teaching materials will help breakdown and re-shape how the Bible defines the characteristics of a disciple, our own growth as a disciple and lastly taking others on the journey with us in multiplying disciples.

Baptism Preparation Material

How do you prepare people for baptism? This is an example from All Nations Wolverhampton but feel free to use or adapt it for your setting, wherever you are located in the world.

Stepping Out Course

Stepping Out is a six part course for new Christians, looking at some of what the Bible says about being a disciple of Jesus. This works best in a one-to-one or small group setting. This course is the next step for those who wish to delve deeper after Discovery Course.

Discovery Course

The Discovery Course has helped many over the years to discover Jesus by reading  and discussing parts of the Bible together with one other or in a small group. 

Learning Zone: Prayer

Prayer is fundamental in a believer’s life,. These notes begin to uncover what the Bible teaches about prayer so we can develop our conversations with God.

Found this useful?

If you have found the material for disciple making to be useful to you, we would encourage you to gather a group together and engage in the Disciple e-course. A great way to not only take all that you have picked up from these resources and put it all into practice. To find out more about the Disciple e-course visit the course page by the button below.
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