Anne Calver

Preparing for ‘a state of emergency’

Recently I heard ‘FIRST RESPONDER UNIT’ and felt the Lord was speaking to us.

Definition: ’A first responder is a person with specialised training who is among the first to arrive and provide assistance at the scene of an emergency.’

I sensed the Lord was saying we have been going through specialised training and preparation for ‘a state of emergency.’ 

Remember the people of the tribe of Issachar because they understood the times and knew what Israel should do when there was talk of David becoming king over all the tribes. We have been trained in being a ‘non anxious presence’ when the world will only get increasingly fearful. We have been trained as ‘first responders’ to assess the situation through understanding the big picture, listening and watching on the walls, and then knowing what should be prayed said and done. This is where the Joshua’s come in. This is where the apostles join the prophets to take action that will lead to the saving of many souls. 

If people don’t understand they won’t know what to do. It’s again time for the alarm to sound and for the emergency to be declared: everything as we have known and understood it will crumble and fall. In a state of emergency everything has to change very quickly. 

I was asking the Lord what is the mandate to help save many and I heard this again 
‘If my people will humble themselves turn from their wicked ways pray and seek my face then I will hear from heaven and turn and heal their land.’ 2 Chron 7:14 abrev 


We have heard this before but it’s louder now and more urgent. 

So let’s pray 
that people will be drawn to prayer meetings, 
that we would acknowledge that we are not the answer, Jesus is
that we would turn only to Him and repent and surrender and seek His face for our nation. 

If we enquire of the Lord Jesus, we and those around us can be saved. Another so called strong man or woman in government will not be the answer. Only a people that acknowledge the Lord as the only one who knows the way. We need Your help, Jesus! 

Converts will not make it through this next season; only disciples will. Lord help us to mobilise every single one. 

A first aid course mobilises many to help others in a crisis. We have been on such a course: Lord Jesus, show us what we have learnt and how to pass it on with our words and actions. 

I feel the Holy Spirit is saying he is going to show us what we have been doing and then ask us to demonstrate it to others. This is the teaching that’s needed in the next season - it’s training not teaching. It’s coming alongside. It’s preparing and organising troops for active service. The time is now. 

Lord, remind us of what we have seen and understood.
Help us to assess the situation and know what to do.
Help us to reach others who in turn will reach others … disciples who make disciples.