Steve Uppal

An Age of Reformation

We are in an age of reformation! Everything is shifting and changing. The world and the Church are undergoing a major shaking and reforming. It is uncomfortable, awkward and daunting. The path before us leads to unfamiliar territory. Some are fighting to go back to what they are comfortable with, ways they are used to traversing. The question before us is: will we hold onto the familiar and give in to the pull of the pragmatic or are we willing to take the hand of the Shepherd and embrace paths new! (Jer 6.16)
Talk has always been cheaper than action. Day dreamers are everywhere. Self made individuals that can point at their self made lives and ministeries continue competing with each other for the top place on an invisible leader-board. But true pioneers, people of courage and resolve are cut from another cloth. Rooted in a different Kingdom, the Bible refers to these burning ones as, ‘foreigners and strangers on earth… looking for another country … God is not ashamed to be called their God … the world was not worthy of them…’ (Heb 11). These are less common, often forged in the fire of adversity and trial. Living with their eyes on the King, aware more of eternity than of temporal things. With tears in their eyes, callouses on their knees and weight in their words, men and women anchored in another world.  
People like this are changing the shape of things to come. These alone will shut the mouths of lions and quench the fury of the flames. They will birth the new through travailing, prevailing prayer. they are preparing the way of the Lord ..
Do you hear the call and will you respond. 
By Steve Uppal