There is always capacity for us to learn more and dig deeper into all the Lord has in store for us, over the years we have curated and lead a number of courses that vary in themes. You can explore those here for free to engage in yourself or with a group.

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  • Praying for healing
  • Created
  • Additional Learning Zone Courses

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LZ: Birthright Course

Grow in your understanding of who you are in Christ and, how spiritual warfare can impact us as well as navigating those challenging seasons in life.

LZ: What is Church Course

The church is not just an organisation or collection of believers; it is Christ’s body on Earth and the hope of the nations. This course is based on Bible references exploring our calling as church and what it is to be a community.

LZ: Marriage Course

Our Marriage course is designed for newlyweds, those getting married, and those who have been married for a long time. This course is to help build strong, sweet and long-lasting relationships, looking at marriage through biblical eyes.

LZ: Mentoring Course

This course sets out to guide you in mentoring and discipling others in a relational context. How does the Bible share these examples and what structures can we put in place from these examples.

LZ: Mission Course

This course defines what mission is and why it is important, the mission of God. If you feel called to a purpose in the mission field this course can help you build solid foundations on your journey.

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Praying for healing

We live in a world where death and sickness are sadly the norm. The world is out of sync because of sin. So we are out of sync with God, with others, with ourselves and even with creation. This article explores how we can pray in faith for healing and other miracles.

The Five C's

The five C's provide a grid for considering whom to give greater responsibilities or for appraisals. It is foundational leadership training.

What is the Sabbath

The OT law includes provisions for a special day. How do we as NT disciples apply this? Is it still relevant to us as a day, a week or is there a deeper spiritual meaning for us?

What does All Nations believe about marriage?

This resource aims to give a brief summary of what we (All Nations) believe about marriage. As christian people we all need to work out what the Bible teaches about relationships.

Created in the image of God

The first three chapters of Genesis are foundational to our understanding of scripture. In this article we focus on 5 key points:
1. We are created in the image of God
2. We are created by design and not accident, to be in friendship with God
3. We are created for purpose
4. The enemy comes to "kill, steal and destroy" but in the Cross/Resurrection, Jesus makes it possible for us to share in His life
5. We have a choice to make: will you live like Jesus or live in independence?

The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Some brief notes to help engage with the current conflict from a spiritual perspective.

More coming soon...

More coming soon...

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